I'm Russ Goeken.  I'm an artist and photographer with a dogged curiosity and a slightly off-center sense of propriety.  I shoot weddings, paint, write, and explore the world through vintage cameras. 

Formally trained in traditional and alternative photographic practices, I hold a BFA in Photography with a focus in photojournalism.  Painting and sculpture studies also heavily influences my craft.

I live and work in Savannah, GA with my 1 wife, 2 kids, 3 house pets, 4 chickens, and 12 quail.

The process of exploration is a strong component of my work.  Trust is the key to making powerful imagery, and a sense of humor helps to fill in the gaps.  Let's make some magic happen, shall we?

Email me at hello@obscuraphotoworks.com for more information and booking inquiries.

[Click here] to see some of my personal work and ramblings.