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Wedding photography.  Seen differently.

I am often asked to describe my style and for me it is very simple.  I don’t like to apply any notions of what I think your day should be like, and in this regard I work as a photojournalist.  However, I am also formally trained in traditional painting and studio photography, so with every shot I take I hope to create something unique and intriguing and beautiful.  So it really is a magical dance between your vision for your day and my vision for capturing it.  Simply put, my style is beautifully yours.

My ethos is this– your wedding photography is just as much about the fleeting human moments as it is about the wedding itself.  You won’t see elaborate lighting setups showing off my technical prowess (although it’s there).  I won’t insist you climb to the top of that mountain for an epic landscape portrait (unless you want to).  You won’t hear me talking about all the latest gear I own (mine is quite sufficient, thank you).  What you will get is a passionate and creative eye that cares very deeply for the human in us all.

Forget what you read in the blogs; there are no rules in wedding photography.  There is– however– life; sometimes messy, often funny, and always unpredictable.  This is where your lasting memories come from.  This is the fount where deeply emotional reactions spring from.  This is where kids act out, or silly, or downright bored.  This is where your dad tears up and your grandmother falls asleep, because that’s what they do.  This is where the weather, and the birds, and the gawking onlookers just don’t seem to cooperated.  This is where you dance with abandon to the music of love.  This is where you cry, and laugh, and dream together.  Because this is where life happens.  This is what it is about and what I aim to capture every time I push the shutter.


All-inclusive full day wedding coverage starting at $3,500.

Call me or email me for more information and pricing structures.

Ceremony and portraiture coverage starting at $2,800.

Engagement and elopements starting at $750.

Call me:  830-225-0477

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Mail me something:  1530 E. 51st St. Savannah, GA 31404


Kind words

“I cannot speak highly enough of the genuine talent Russ has for working in the moment.”             Lauren, Big Island, HI

“The number of guests who told me how impressed they were with him was astonishing.”             Breana, Savannah, GA

“You can see pure happiness in every photo, and I know these will bring a smile to our faces for many years to come.”                  -Lauren, Bethesda, GA

“You can tell that he has a degree in photography as he does many creative shots with light and shadows.”   -Lillian, Savannah, GA

“He got along with the group so well he could have easily just been there for the wedding as well!”    Kyle, Tybee Island, GA

He is not in your face about pictures and does not force you to take overly posed, awkward shots.”  -Allison, Charleston, SC

Incredibly inventive picture ideas and was so easy to work with, we felt at ease as soon as we met him.    -Scott, Savannah

“If a true artistic approach to your wedding photos is what you desire, Russ is the photographer to make your day complete.”   -Cassie, Atlanta, GA

“Russ made an effort to learn who everyone was, was very efficient with formal portraits, and was amazingly good at sinking into the background to capture real moments between my family and friends.”  -Kristin, Hilton Head Island, SC

“Russ was awesome.”  -William, Savannah, GA

Grab him while you can. You will be glad that you did.”            -Monica, Savannah, GA

“Russ is a great photographer.  And oh, so handsome!”  -Wife

My style, your story

My work hangs somewhere between beauty and honesty.  It is authentic and real.  I search real hard to grab little moments of life.  These happen everywhere, all the time and it is my passion to root them out and preserve them.

Your wedding is unique and compelling.  It is raw and unscripted.  It is happy and nerve-wracking, serious and light-hearted, all at the same time.  In short, it is a snapshot of life itself, and with you, I want to find that.